Beam Power Units

Here you will find a selection of our Beam Ducted Vacuum Systems brochures available for download, both old and new. If you can’t find a product you are looking please email us to request the particular Beam Ducted Vacuum Systems brochure you are after and we will send it to you.


Beam Mundo

Outstanding Performer.

  • High efficiency, thru-flow motor
  • Self-cleaning filter or hygienic high-efficiency paper bag filter
  • Compact size for flexible installation
  • 250-700 sq m.



Beam Platinum

The Ultimate in power units.

  • High efficiency, commercial grade by-pass motor
  • Self-Cleaning filter made with Gore material
  • Optional LCD system monitoring screen
  • Proven sound reduction system
  • 325-1200 sq. m.





The SC300 is the model of choice when
space and sound level want to be kept
minimal. This is one of the quietest of
the paper bag units available and due
to its short body is ideal for apartments,
townhouses, and condominiums.




The SC325 is a short body model that
has a Self-Cleaning Filter material from
the makers of Gore-Tex materials,
Additionally, the SC 325 is equipped
with a bucket receptacle for ease of
emptying debris. This model is ideal for
apartments, townhouses, andcondominiums.




The SC 375 is the most powerful mid single
motor power unit which is ideal for small to
medium size homes, large apartments,
and townhouses. The SC 375 is by far our best
performing unit for the ultimate clean with
minimal sound.  The SC 375 also comes
equipped with an optional LCD monitor.
ThisLCD screen will monitor everything from
motor power to hours of use.




Big and powerful, the SC 395 has a large
powerful motor and a large 25 liter bucket for
optimal cleaning of just about anything. This
power unit is ideal for large areas such as
large houses where space is not an issue.
TheSC 395 also comes equipped with an optional
LCD monitor.  This LCD screen will monitor
everything from motor power to hours of use




The most powerful power unit in the Beam
Serenity_3.0 series, the SC 3500 comese
quipped with two motors for unbeatable
power and suction.  The power unit is perfect
for large homes where space is abundant. 
This model works well for light commercial
applications as well.



BM 165

A short body unit, the BM165 is ideal for use in
smaller homes, condos, and starter homes.
With a larger paper bag, the BM165 requires
less frequent emptying. This is a great
economy power unit.



BM 185

At the top of the builder unit line, the BM185
is equipped with the high quality Triumph
BM185 is ideal for use in small homes, condos,
mance and low sound level.



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