Ducted Vacuums Melbourne

Get Best Ducted Vacuum Systems In Melbourne At FM Hometech

FM Hometech, Ausnet Digital Systems & Southern Ducted Vacuum & Security Centre offers the best-ducted vacuum systems in Melbourne which are easy to install, more powerful and have are user friendly. 

Here are some of the benefits of installing ducted vacuum systems from FM Hometech, Ausnet Digital Systems & Southern Ducted Vacuum & Security Centre

1. Get relieved from allergies-

Through fine filtration, our ducted vacuum systems eliminate even the small particle which helps people with dust allergy or asthma to get a bit of relief.  

2. Easy to use-

Ducted vacuum systems don’t have long or filter bags and are much easier and convenient to use. 

3. Easy to store systems-

Contemporary ducted vacuum systems are very easy to store and do not take up access space in your home. This is one of the prime benefits of choosing ducted vacuum systems in Melbourne. 

4. Hassle-free cleaning process-

A ducted cleaning system is cordless and is equipped with inlet vaults located in and has inlet vaults placed in suitable places around the home. These vaults are quiet and very powerful which makes vacuum cleaning easy and hassle-free.

5. Better quality and proficient cleaning-

Ducted vacuum systems proficient and deep cleaning which is better than a portable vacuum cleaning machine. 

Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum Systems – Melbourne

A Premier Clean ducted vacuum system is a reliable, clean and efficient. They are designed to make it even easier to achieve the clean home or workplace you desire. A wall vacuum, floor clean and Premier Clean ducted system all in one, Premier Clean ducted vacuum offer Melbourne homeowners a quiet and discreet alternative to a standard vacuum cleaner.

Engineered to remove dirt, dust and air polluting pollen from inside your home, these systems can help to alleviate the leading causes for asthma sufferers and making your home or workplace a cleaner and safer environment for everyone. Plus, they are very simple to use. After Premier Clean ducted vacuum system installation, to get it working you simply plug the lightweight hose into the wall inlet and it will switch on automatically.

We supply, service and install all major brands of Ducted Vacuum Systems ranging from Maxvac, Tubo (Aertecnica Perfetto), Beam, Auskay, Electron, Premier Clean and Valet just to name a few. We also offer replacement ducted vacuum bags suitable for all the major brands. System specifications can vary from job to job and we are able to tailor a system to your needs. Whether it be for home or office FM Home Tech, Ausnet Digital and Southern Ducted Vacuum can help.

In need of Premier Clean ducted vacuum repairs in Melbourne for your exiting system?

Our technicians have strong product knowledge and great experience in working with these unique technologies. We offer both ducted vacuum service, for regular maintenance and checks, and ducted vacuum system repair for those emergencies when your system isn’t working at its best. Call us now for a competitive quote.

At FM Hometech, Ausnet Digital Systems & Southern Ducted Vacuum & Security Centre, our systems are installed by highly qualified professionals in Melbourne. Our team provides end-to-end services to clients and makes sure that the entire installation is unperturbed. For more information on our ducted vacuum systems in Melbourne, contact us now.

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