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Boronia Home safety has become a prerequisite today, considering the changing times. Technology has led to a rampant change in how security is perceived. From homes to workplaces, technology has brought about convenience, allowing a safer and more secure space for residents and industries without the threat of break-ins.

Pushing the conventional locks and keys aside, smart systems have proven to be more reliable. The smart age has helped security systems evolve enough to make them invincible to external threats. Offering complete control to homeowners or business owners, smart security systems are tailored to their needs with no room for errors.

Equipped with the latest technology Ausnet Digital Systems, our Blackburn store, has everything you need for a smart home or office. Our staff can help you pick out the right safety system by understanding your budgets and requirements and pointing you in the right direction.

Get a bird’s eye view with our CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are the perfect technology to keep an eye on our property, both inside your homes and out. These cameras allow you to not only protect your possessions but also find out who enters or exits your premises at all times. As one of the best CCTV camera suppliers in and around Boronia, we offer the right setup based on your requirements from our range of the best security cameras.

Have the control you need with home automation

At Ausnet Digital Systems, we believe in offering our clients control over their homes right at their fingertips. Our home automation technologies give you access to your home security systems from your smart devices for your convenience to make your life a little easier.

Alarm systems for secure spaces

The safety needs for every individual differs. Whether it is your home or your office, the experts at Ausnet Digital System can customise alarm systems in Boronia for your requirements to keep thieves at bay. Our top-notch security devices and alarm systems are ideal for residents of Boronia with our Blackburn store just minutes away!

Install intercom systems and be a step ahead!

At Ausnet Digital Systems, we supply the best intercom systems in the market and have our efficient staff help install the systems within your homes and offices to help your monitor who steps on your premises. We also offer our services to repair your intercom systems.

Installation, Servicing and Repair

Our staff at Ausnet Digital Systems are well-equipped to carry out installations of all our systems. From intercoms and cameras to alarm systems and sensors, we have the best individuals to help you make an informed decision about the right tech for your homes, in terms of your requirements, budget, and more. Apart from installation, we also help in the timely servicing of our products. Depending on the task, we carry out servicing within your homes or at our Blackburn store.

We service a number of locations in and around Boronia. Get in touch with us to get a free quote!

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