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FM Hometech International Leviton Elite Dealer of the year 2014-2015

There’s a lot of talk about ‘smart homes’ and ‘home automation’ going around, so what exactly do these terms mean? ‘Home Automation System’ refers to any system integrated within your home that gives you control over the way you live. You can watch lights turn on as you walk down a dark hallway or the curtains close and the lights dim as your put on your favourite movie.

Home automation systems can control most, if not all, of the systems in your household with the stroke of a few keys, a signal from an iPhone, an iPad, an Android device or even by just walking past. We at FM Home Tech and Ausnet Digital can automate your home using your existing electrical framework, starting from as little as $4000 or even less! For home automation in Australia, we are without doubt, one of the most value efficient, experienced home automation installation experts. Our expert technicians also offer a regular home automation service and repairs, so your systems stay functioning at their peak.

Call us and we will make sure that we install your next trouble free smart home requirements cheaper than anyone else can. Call through with a quote and try us.

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