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Putting together a great home theatre system can be simple. This does not need to be a difficult and complicated affair. The key is pairing a great high-definition picture with realistic engaging surround sound. We’ve outlined the components in separate boxes to give you further clarification to the process.

So, why do we encourage our clients to choose their system carefully?

The simple answer is sound and video quality. When it comes to surround sound, you’ve got two options: building your own system out of separate components or choosing a pre-packaged one. Pre-packaged systems are designed to be easy to choose and set up, and can definitely deliver an engaging high-quality surround sound experience.

With a customised system, you’ll typically enjoy higher-quality construction and even better audio and video performance.

Customised systems are good for folks who:

  • want a full surround sound experience with specific needs eg. hidden systems, racks etc.
  • already have a few key components, like a Blu-ray® player, receiver, or a set of speakers
  • prefer to create their dream home theatre system
  • are comfortable choosing and setting up separate components

If you’re looking for a home theatre system, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. So we here at FM Hometech will help you go through each component required one by one and help you make a decision based on needs, budgets and future upgrades. With the advent of Blu-Ray and HD-DTS alongside 3D, movies really do come alive! 

Now, let’s dig into the main components you’ll need for a complete home theatre system

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