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Systems Melbourne

FM Home Tech is Melbourne's leading dealer for
supplying, installing and servicing BOSCH, CROW,
DAS and NESS security alarm systems.

Protect your home or business with an alarm system

Security alarm systems are a great way to deter nefarious types from entering your premises and alerting appropriate
p parties of any suspicious activity. FM Home Tech are specialists in providing all of the major brands of alarms,
including Bosch, DAS, Crow and NESS for your home or business.

Stop the thieves!

Alarm Security System for Your Home and Business

In today’s society. it is rather imperative that the safety of our families be catered for. And with this in mind FM Home Technologies, Ausnet Digital and Southern Ducted Vacuum cater for an amazing spectrum of Security Devices and Alarms designed to suit requirements and budgets. Having peace of mind and allowing lifestyle to be prioritised instead of fearing repercussions is something we think very seriously about. Combined experience and expertise gives us the ability to do what we do exceptionally well. Using anyone else is simply second best – if you need a home or office alarm system in Melbourne, you need FM Home Technologies.

We supply, service and install all major brands of Home Security Alarm Systems and Commercial Security Alarms Systems ranging from BOSCH, DAS, CROW, NESS just to name a few.

Security devices can vary from job to job and our consultants will be able to tailor a system to your needs, whether it be for the home, office or large commercial sites FM HomtechAusnet Digital and Southern Ducted Vacuum and Security can help.

There are several benefits of installing a home security alarm system. It allows you to keep your belongings safe and gives you composure. Here are some ways in which security alarm systems in Mornington and Blackburn can help you. 

1. Provides security to your belongings

The existence of a security alarm system in your property is deterrence is enough to discourage an intruder. Also, as the alarm rings, an immediate notification is sent to the police. This helps you to keep your property safe. 

2. They help in saving energy

These days, home security alarm systems have a lot of features including home automation. This system enables you to keep a watch on electricity usage by shutting it off while you are no longer around. This feature enables you to reduce your bills and save energy.  

3. Home security alarm assists you fire and co-detector monitoring feature- 

This is one of the most important features which is necessary for any home security monitoring system. Through this feature, you can spot dangers that cannot be easily detected like unseen, toxic carbon monoxide. These offer the essential benefit of keeping your family safe from emergencies that are generally out of your control.

4. Enabled remote surveillance-

The remote surveillance feature enables you to keep a watch on your home even when you are away. You can keep checking the live feed with your wireless security cameras from your smartphone app. Also, it can send you alerts when you have visitors entering or leaving your home. Also, it is a great way of keeping a check on well being and safety of your kids. 

In a nutshell, Home security alarm systems should be seen as a crucial investment. You can get ample peace of mind and security to your valuables.

At FM Hometech, we offer amazing home security alarm systems in Mornington and Blackburn which can assist you in keeping your property, valuables and loved ones safe from hazards or intrusion.

So, browse through our collection and choose the ideal home security alarm system for your property. 


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