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Working smart has been the buzzword for quite a few years now. But why just limit yourself to working smart, when you can live smart? C-Bus technology by FM Hometech provides a simple and affordable way to enjoy the smart home experience, just the way you like it. Right from smart thermostats and smart lighting, to controlling your home appliances, windows and door locks even when you are away – it is possible to do all this and more effortlessly, with the right home automation system in place.

There are many benefits that you can enjoy with a smart home powered by C-Bus in Melbourne, and elevated luxury is just one of them. Let’s take a look at some of the top practical advantages that you can enjoy with C-Bus by FM Hometech:

1. Convenience

The ability to control almost everything in the home at one’s fingertips, even remotely is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to automate their homes through C-Bus home automation. Using simple voice commands or buttons, you can manage almost all of the smart devices like your room heating, lighting, windows, TV, sound system and more in your home from one central hub, such as your smart phone. You could even set up programs for routine activities, such as opening the blinds in the morning, dimming the lights at bedtime and the like, to make your life a lot more convenient.

2. Energy Efficiency

A smart home can also help you save on energy bills significantly. You could control the heating and cooling of your home using a smart connected thermostat that will automatically adjust the temperature and control the window blinds as per the time of day, your schedule and preferred temperature settings. You could also program for lights to turn on and off as you enter or leave a space, thus ensuring that there is no avoidable energy wastage.

3. Security

Integrating security and surveillance features into your smart home can allow you to monitor everything that is going on inside, and outside your home, from wherever you are. Certain systems will also allow you to lock the doors and windows, receive alerts for every visitor, set off security alarms in the event of intruders and alert you in case of smoke or fire. It can provide immense peace of mind, especially when you are away and you want to ensure that your family is safe.

FM Hometech is a leader in the home automation space, and is also a Five Star Leviton Installer in Melbourne. Reach out to us if you’d like us to design a customized package for your needs.

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