Smart Home Security

An increasingly connected world calls for making smarter choices in everyday living. While we have already made the switch to smarter gadgets and technology for most of our daily needs, why should home security automation be left behind?

The Importance of Home Security Systems

It is said “A home is where the heart is”. It is easy to see why, as no matter where we are, there is nothing like the feeling of coming back home. But this can only happen when our homes are secured and safe on all fronts. Given that many homes today have expansive floor plans spread over multiple levels, they become easy targets for security risks. These risks are often heightened when there are lesser members at home, or even when the house is empty, which can happen when we are away for long periods of time. At such times, it helps to have enhanced protection for your home, to keep your family and precious assets safe from intruders or other risks. And this is where investing in home security that works even when you are not, can be a much needed boon.

Protect Your Home with Smart Home Security Automation

Home security automation can help you take care of your home’s security in a much more efficient way as compared to traditional home security systems. This is because it puts the power in your hands, even when you are miles away! You can monitor your residential premises, and even control the entry points and set off alarms to call for help. Not only does this add another strong layer of security for your home, but you will also enjoy much more peace of mind even when you are away.

Buy a Smart House System for Stronger Home Security

FM Hometech’s home security systems are designed to empower you with the means to supervise and control the security of your home, all from your smartphone. Apart from the incredible ease of remotely monitoring everything that’s happening, you can also control key aspects of your home’s security – such as your door locks, window blinds, security alarms, smoke detectors, CCTV cameras and so on. For instance, you could also manage entry for authorized outside staff such as cleaners, gardeners or other service providers, all with your smartphone.

Apart from this, there are a host of other benefits to automating your home. For instance, you could activate routine tasks such as turning the lights on or off, depending on certain times of the day, turning off high energy devices such as heaters and coolers when not in use, drawing your motorized blinds when you drive to work and much more. But these are just a few of the many advantages of you can enjoy with home security automation.

If you are considering purchasing a smart home security system, feel free to set up a call with our experts, and know more about our automated security solutions for homes. We offer a range of wired, as well as wireless solutions. As a provider of Control4, we also offer you with a home security alarm kit which includes a smoke detector and remote alarm, home security motion sensors, a garage alarm system and much more. Our experts will recommend the best product depending on your need.

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