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Here you will find a selection of our NESS Security Alarm system brochures available for download. If you can’t find a product you are looking please email us to request the particular NESS Security Alarm system brochure you are after and we will send it to you.


The Ness ECO8x Control Panel

Everything you need in an alarm panel and more. Providing high security features and simplicity at the best price!

ECO8x has the most commonly used and requested options including:

  • 8 alarm zones
  • fully flexible zone to output mapping
  • two area operation
  • programmable Home Mode
  • programmable auxiliary outputs
  • programmable Day Zones including Temporary Day Zones with Chime, Double Trigger zones and adjustable Vibration Sensitivity for each zone




NESS Quantum Detector Plus

Quantum Plus is a high performance Pir featuring downward lookingCreep Zones, extremely high RFi immunity, sensitivity adjustments and automatic temperature Compensation.

With selectable Pulse Count, 15 metre range and a choice of additional lenses for curtain and long range coverage. Quantum Plus – for uncompromising performance in all environments and applications.




NESS Siren Cover and Kit bag

Poly-tough siren covers are made of an extremely tough, injec-tion moulded material, Poly-tough siren covers are rust proof and uv stabilised to give years of protection with pre-drilled strobe holes for faster installation.

Supplied with a tamper Kit including tamper switch, terminal block and connecting cable.



NESS Nessensor Vibration Sensor

All Ness control panels have zone inputs with adjustable sensitivity. In addition to the control panel’s sensitivity adjustment, the overall sensitivity of the Nessensor can be adjusted by rotating the body of the Nessensor within its bracket. Partial withdraw the Nessensor barrel from its mounting bracket to allow rotation. Three levels of sensitivity are provided – High, Medium and Low.




NESS Reed switch surface- WHITE

Standard surface mount reed switch with N.C. contacts.



NESS RK4 Radio Key

Ness radio Keys provide the convenience of radio remote control for arming/disarming your alarm system, wireless panic button operation and optional home automation applications such as operating lights around the home or electric garage doors, (with suitable optional interfaces).
All Ness radio keys are rugged and waterproof with long life lithium batteries supplied as standard. Battery life is at least 5 years and up to to 10 years for the RK4, (depending on the total number of transmissions).
*Batteries included .




NESS Radio Keypad

The Ness RKP Radio Keypad is a wireless, battery operated keypad which provides remote control of arming, Disarming, monitor (home) modes and Panic facility. Ideal for situations where full keypad functions are required and cables cannot be run.up to 15 user Codes can be programmed in the RKP with 14 individual IDs transmitted to compatible Ness panels.

The aux 1 and aux 2 buttons can be used to control auxiliary outputs at the control panel, (e.g. optional lighting, garage doors). The RKP is designed for use with compatible Ness control panels via the 100-200 radio interface but can also be used with other Ness receivers..





NESS EZ-24 24 Zone Panel Kit

Everything you need in an alarm panel and more.

This is a 24 Zone Panel Kit that is your stepping stone to expansion. Expandable up to 200 zones and Intergration Ready, same as the M1 Panel, the EZ24 represents a value for money package, certainly one to take seriously.




NESS Quantum Dual Detector

Dual technology 15 metre detector using both microwave and passive infrared (PIR) detection. this combination of technologies virtually eliminates false alarms but faithfully detects intruders.

The microwave detector has range control and the PIR section has selectable range Control and Pulse Count adjustments with automatic temperature Compensation and high RFi immunity.



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