Make you home smart with home automation devices assisted by Google.

Imagine yourself relaxing in your chair and getting things done only with a voice command. Isn’t it fantastic? This fantasy is now a reality with home automation with Google assistant. You can now transform your home into a high-tech setup and make your life comfortable and relaxed.

How can home automation with Google assistant help you?

Where earlier home appliances were operated with remote controls, today they can be easily handled with internet apps from anywhere in the world.  

Here is what you can expect from these home automation devices- 

  • Air conditioning- The smart thermostats help you adjust temperatures without a remote control. You can change the modes easily.
  • Home security- This is one of the most eminent factors which is integrated into home automation. These devices can monitor issues with help of motion sensors, and many allow you to keep a check on our home even from a distance. Moreover, you can use devices like surveillance cameras and remote locking for your exterior doors as well as windows for enhanced safety.
  • Internal home safety and security- Devices like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms are the essential ones for protecting your home interiors and family members from harm. Also, you can get home automation devices for monitoring water leaks, pumps, swimming pools and also medical alarm systems for the elder members of your family. You can also get devices which provide an incorporated dashboard for monitoring everything in a single place.
  • Smart lighting- This covers all the factors like turning the lights on and off with the help of your phone. Some devices also offer features like opening and closing the window curtain, shades or draperies automatically for using the natural lighting.
  • Smart kitchen devices- These devices help you significantly by checking on what is left in the refrigerator and by telling you how long you should cook frozen vegetables.
  • Smart entertainment and communications- These devices can give you a seamless entertainment and communication experience. You can store and play music centrally from any corner of your home. You can do the same with your phone calls and intercom system for simplification of communication. 

So, do you want to explore the world of automated homes? Then browse through our products and choose the best home automation products and make your abode smarter and comfortable like never before. 

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