Bosch Alarm Systems

Here you will find a selection of our Bosch Security Alarm system brochures available for download. If you can’t find a product you are looking please email us to request the particular Bosch Security Alarm system brochure you are after and we will send it to you.


Solution ICP 880 Ultima

Keeping your home and family safe doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why we’ve made the Ultima security system so easy to use – all it takes is ‘one touch’.

The Solution ICP 880 Ultima has awide variety of useful features such as:

  • 16 fully programmable zones.
  • 16 codes – 8 key pad PINs, 8 RF Codes
  • 16 Wireless Devices
  • Partitionable to 2 separate areas
  • STAY / AWAY arming options
  • Selectable reports per user code
  • Entry and exit warning
  • Automatic arming
  • Remote arming via telephone
  • Zone lockout
  • 40 Event history memory
  • LED and LCD ICON keypad support
  • Programmable outputs
  • Dynamic battery test
  • Day alarm
  • Walk test mode
  • Back to base reporting
  • Domestic reporting
  • 5 Programmable outputs
  • Dual Entry Timers
  • AC Fail Supervision
  • Phone Line Supervision




Blue Line Gen2 Motion Detector

The next generation in detection. Building upon the technology & performance of the Classic Line & Blue Line detector ranges, Blue Line Gen2 motion detectors from Bosch deliver even more features and benefits – for the same price!

The Solution ICP 880 Ultima has awide variety of useful features such as:

  • Easy Self-installation
  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Selectable pet immunity
  • Microwave noise adaptive processing




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