CCTV Videos

If you require information or support for the CCTV that we supply, use our easy to follow video tutorials.
You can find videos for CCTV brands such as Dorani.

How to set the time & date on a Dorani NVR

Upgrading Dorani NVR software

Upgrading Dorani NVR software from a smart phone

Turn on smart phone push notifications for a Dorani NVR

Backup & view footage on a smart phone for a Dorani NVR

Add Dorani NVR to a Mobile Device

Set up VCA's for a Dorani CCTV

How to install & setup Dorani software on a PC

How to retrieve device passwords on a Dorani CCTV

Dorani CCTV Guard Tool disk calculator & search

Dorani CCTV Star4Live device management tool

How to add users & set permissions on a Dorani CCTV

Setup People Counting on a Dorani CCTV

Back up footage from Dorani NVR to USB drive

How to setup email notifications on a Dorani NVR

Set up Human Body Detection on a Dorani NVR

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