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We are all used to hearing, and often ignoring, the sounds of sirens and the alarm bells from buildings and vehicles.

For this reason customers rely on our alarm monitoring services so they can be assured that someone will respond to any emergency.

An alarm system is attached to your telephone line, or in some cases to a wireless network, which is then used to send signals from the alarm control panel to our monitoring centre. The operators can see what type of alarm is coming through and can then take action by calling key-holders, a patrol response or the police.

In a world where break-ins are becoming more frequent, anti social behaviour continues to create chaos, and strangers have no qualms about invading your home, your loved ones and your treasured possessions. The effect of being broken into is a sense of invasion, where you are left feeling vulnerable, confused and threatened, never sure if you are going to be a repeat target or some other crooked individuals pick.

FM Hometech can monitor your system for $7.70 per week which includes free servicing on your security alarm system please call for details

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