Smart Home WiFi

A stable WiFi network is essential for a smart home

Commonly known as the essence of a smart home, a home automation system is the combination of many modern house equipments that allow you to monitor and control every major or minor feature of your house with ease. From smart locks, thermostat and home lighting to security cameras, smoke detectors and alarm systems, a good home automation system gives you total control over your house and makes things convenient for you. But for all of these to work, you need to have a strong and reliable WiFi network for all these features to work efficiently in your smart home.

Being one of the leading home automation companies, we understand the true potential of automated home systems and the convenience they provide for your house. With regard to that, we frequently call to attention the role a good WiFi network plays in the smooth functionality of a smart home. Our experts actively try to make people aware about the compatibility of a home automation system with a WiFi network.

Smart home and WiFi coverage

– Depending on the kind of WiFi coverage you need in your smart home and outside, you may have to compare the frequency bands that different WiFi networks operate at and whether they are suitable for your house.

– The range of your WiFi is something you have to manage with care and professional help since many of your smart home features control the security of your house.

– Your WiFi range needs to reach the whole area of your house equipped with a home automation system so that every smart home feature at your house can work as perfectly as required.

Regular routers

Regular routers are not always compatible with a home automation system as the usual range of these routers is up to 150 feet, and this range varies when the router is installed outside the house. Even so, regular WiFi routers may not be capable of providing a strong internet connection required for the efficacy of smart home features. If you want your regular router to work for the smart home features, you would have to make changes to the GHz band of your router to make the connection stronger. The results may vary depending on your internet provider and location.

When you install a home automation system in your house, it is advisable to get professional help and make sure that your internet connection is compatible with the smart home system.

Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi, also known as whole-home WiFi is a single router that connects directly to your modules, nodes and modems and can be installed anywhere around your house. Mesh WiFi allows you to provide a stable internet connection and great WiFi coverage to every part of the house. These are the most recommended WiFi routers for home automation systems as they have great coverage and ensure the uninterrupted effectiveness of all the smart home features.

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