Add More Intelligence to Everyday Living with smart FIBARO solutions from FM Hometech, Ausnet Digital & Southern Ducted Vacuum & Security Centre

What makes a home feel like home?

Most people would base their answers around what a home evokes in them a space that offers a sense of security, comfort and safety, a place where you can just be. And home automation attempts to heighten these very attributes, in a synergistic way, by allowing multiple devices to communicate with each other.

FIBARO has been a leader in home automation systems and devices the world over, and FM Hometech, Ausnet Digital and Southern Ducted Vacuum & Security Centre are proud to bring this to all our clients. FIBARO is best known for its Z-Wave devices, and Home Centre controllers that offer the users incredible control over every smart feature of their home. With FIBARO, controlling all your smart appliances will be a breeze, with dedicated panels on the Home Centres that can allow you to control lighting, heating, alarms, surveillance, blinds and irrigation systems from wherever you might be. You could configure all of this to happen at the touch of a button, a hand gesture or even a word. It is akin to having a home genie at your behest!

FIBARO’s fully integrated Home Centre controllers are preferred for their ease of use an intuitive UI. Built using high quality components, these controllers are super efficient gateways to smarter, everyday living. Despite the advent of AI based automation, Z-wave based devices offer you a host of options and high degrees of automation across different smart appliances. What’s more, these devices are also able to work with other controllers, making them a very versatile choice for home automation enthusiasts.

With increased connectivity, there are also increased risks for data breaches. And when it comes to matters of the home, it makes sense to be extra safe. With FIBARO, you can also be assured of data security, with multi layered protection that includes TLS protocol encryption, bcrypt passwords, WAF and Anti-DDoS systems.

As a leading home automation provider in Melbourne with stellar client reviews, our teams at FM Hometech, Ausnet Digital and Southern Ducted Vacuum & Security Centre are eager to help you experience a smarter, safer and smoother life. Reach out to us to know more.


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