Flush Mount Remote Indoor Temp Sensor

Flush Mount Remote Indoor Temp Sensor

The Flush Mount Remote Indoor Temperature Sensor may be mounted in the conditioned space and the thermostat can be mounted remotely for protection from tampering or for aesthetic reasons.

This sensor uses twisted pair, shielded cable from the Omnistat thermostat to its location.

  • For distances up to 100 feet, typical twisted pair, PVC-insulated, shielded cable may be used.
  • For distances from 100-150 feet, twisted pair with polypropylene insulated conductors, shielded must be used. 
  • For distances from 150-250 feet, twisted pair with foam-polyethylene insulated conductors, shielded must be used.
  • Wire runs must not exceed 250 feet.

The Remote Sensor must be mounted in the same location appropriate for a thermostat for best performance (for example, on an inside wall, free of draft from vents, away from sunlight, windows, etc.).

This small unit (disc is 1.5 inches in diameter) can be flush mounted in the drywall and painted over to become almost invisible in a residential installation.

This sensor will work with any Omnistat2 or Omnistat thermostat.

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