Automated Blind and Window Control

Know-How Automated Blinds Can Make Your Home Smarter

We at FM Hometech offer automated blinds which can be integrated with various other home automation systems. These blinds can be incorporated with wireless and hard-wired home automation systems, thus giving you outstanding home automation experience.  

Here are some of the benefits of home automation which you must know. 

Your routine gets more convenient- Through home automation systems, you can carry out routine tasks with utmost comfort and convenience. Every daily routine task can be done with a single button press. Are you interested in making your home activities more convenient, then browse through our collection of automated blinds and other home automation products to get all the convenience that you wish? 

Our products can make your life comfortable like never before- From setting the perfect ambience for your home theatre, dimming the lights to pulling your window blinds down, our products help you in making your easy and comfortable. 

How Can Automated Blinds Help You?

  • You do not have to rely on artificial lighting. 

Through the convenience of the smart home system, automated blinds can catch the level of light and can roll up when it is sunny outside and enable some of your home lights to shift on the lower intensity and save power.

  • You can get a perfectly warm space. 

Automated blinds can also help you in keeping the room lighted up and naturally warm. Let the blinds roll up and bring in the sunshine to heat the room, and then automatically roll down if the room gets too hot. 

  • You can maintain your privacy with ease. 

Automated blinds can maintain the privacy of your home merely with a click from your smartphone.  

Are the automated blinds difficult to set up?

Difficulty in setting up the automated blinds completely depends on the type of your product which you choose. Here are some of the setup processes for automated blinds which you must know about. At FM Hometech, our experts will consult with you and suggest the right type of automated blinds which are perfect for your home.

So, are you interested in upgrading your home and making it a smart home with our home automation systems? Then browse through our collection and get the products delivered to your doorsteps. 

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