The Sentinel Crime Deterrent Monitor

The Sentinel Crime Deterrent Monitor

The Ultimate Remote Monitor for all building sites, caravan parks, schools and any other establishment that requires vigilance for security or simple maintenance.

The Sentinel has been designed right here in Australia and is a fully functioning remote monitoring and recording device that is connected via WiFi and 3G (4G option available depending on area). Utilising 4 low light cameras, employed in a north south east west fashion, a weatherproof enclosure, anti tamper casings, a lighting system, built in DVR with a 3G modem and router, and the ability to stream right to your smartphone or tablet!

Don’t leave your environment to chance anymore. We live in a world which has slowly dissipated its moral values and we tend to see personal or commercial belongings stolen, our living areas vandalised and now we can utilise the Sentinel to remind anyone that they are being watched and recorded.

Enquire now about our Sentinel. Fully upgradeable and modular, fully transportable when required and able to be used over and over again in different areas if you need to move it about.

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