Automated Windows and Blinds

Automated Windows and Blinds

Home automation products and services are not new to modern households. However, many people think that home automation is only about burglar proof alarms or remote-controlled lights. You can now automate windows and blinds to take the comfort levels to a new high.

Why Automated Windows?

How often have you found yourself in a situation when you are at work and you suddenly remember that you have left a window in the living room or the kitchen open? You spend the next few hours in anxiety hoping no intruder spots the open window.

Automated windows can be controlled no matter where you are right from your Smartphone or tablet. Simply click a button, and the windows will open or shut even if you aren’t home.

You can even set the windows and blinds to shut at a specific time every day. So even if you forget to shut down the windows before stepping out for work, they will close at the scheduled time.

No more worrying about securing each window or bothering about strangers peeking into your home.

Benefits of Automated Blinds

Blinds offer ultimate privacy, protection from the sun’s heat and more importantly, they impart a comfortable environment.

By setting up your automated blinds to open/shut (either partially or completely) at a scheduled time offers wonderful benefits. For one, it helps in controlling the temperature of your home.

As a result, the need for turning on the heater in winters and the air conditioner in summers becomes minimal. This will directly help lower your utility bills.

Motorised blinds offer better flexibility and control in securing your privacy. When you use automated blinds along with automated lights, you can create the impression of being at home even when you are away. This goes a long way in keeping burglars away.

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FM Hometech and Ausnet Digital Blackburn have a growing list of clients who can vouch for our innovative home and office automation products and services. Connect with us today and talk to our expert team for understanding how you can modernise your home with the latest automation features.

We combine over 26 years of mechanical experience, superior craftsmanship, best Australian and international fabrics and locally produced components and the latest installation techniques to give you the best.

Be it security, safety or plain comfort, we can help you in making your home better with the latest automation products including automated windows and blinds that can be custom made to suit your requirements. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion with our automation experts right away!

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