Just Say “Alexa Turn On All Lights”

Just Say “Alexa Turn On All Lights”

We have made great strides in technology and we are now brimming with all things digital. We have turned tech-savvy and to make life easier we have smartly incorporated technology in our daily lives and appliances we handle and depend on. One such remarkable innovation from Amazon has been the entry of the virtual personal assistant, Alexa into the digital space.

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How Does Alexa Work

Just like Apple’s Siri or the Google Assistant, Alexa is a virtual assistant that springs into action the moment she hears your voice. So if you say, “Alexa turn on the lights”, she will give you a response in the affirmative and voila, the lights will turn on in a jiffy.

If you wish to set a reminder and get your tasks done, Alexa is here to help. And you know that Alexa is listening when she lights up blue.

Get Started With Alexa

To get started, pick up Alexa-embedded devices like the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot smart speaker. Make sure you decide where to place her – in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or just about anywhere within your home’s Wi-Fi range.

Install the Alexa App on your mobile phone, which is available on the Apple’s App store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App store. Once you have installed the app, pair it with your Wi-Fi connection. The Alexa app allows you to control music, set an alarm and is of great help in getting your life organised.

So the next time you are preparing to hit the bed and you realise you’ve forgotten to turn off the television, shout out a command and Alexa will do the job for you. Or you are walking into a room with your hands full and the lights turn on automatically, you have Alexa to thank.

Why Choose Alexa?

The virtual assistant works from the cloud and is intelligent enough to process user commands and respond effectively. However, we all know that technology is not always free of troubles. Sometimes, Alexa has difficulties understanding our commands and may not respond appropriately.

But fret not, Alexa has been in the process of receiving upgrades from time to time. Due to her high intelligence levels, Alexa has earned a reputation for being a spectacular home assistant.

Contact FM Hometech

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