The ultimate man cave

The ultimate man cave

A common feature of almost every suburban home, the man cave caters to the need for a separate area for a guy to relax and indulge in what he likes best – video games, TV, computers or just a glass of beer to sip and while away his time.

Spare bedrooms, garages, basements, studies or simply any available space in the home can be converted into man caves. All you need is enough space to set up the furniture, the gadgets and you are sorted.

Add some cool home automation technology to your man cave for the ultimate experience. Amini refrigerator, TV, video game consoles and modern gadgets like automatic blinds, remote controlled lights can help create the ultimate man cave.

You can control the lights, blinds, music system, television and projector screen in your man cave at the flick of a button on a remote or your smartphone. Want to make your home secure with the latest burglar-proof alarm system? Or do you want to control the lights in your man cave? You can manage all this right from your Smartphone!

Create your man cave

Creating your own man cave does not call for rocket science. Some imagination and help from the home automation experts can give you the perfect man cave you always dreamed of.

Don’t just create a room for what you like to do best. Take it to the next level by adding pre-programmed audio-visual settings, intercoms, cameras and the works apart from the right furniture, and lighting.

Add security features that help you identify who is accessing your private area and keep off prying neighbours with automated blinds and windows. And all this at the touch of a button! That’s IoT for you.

Personalise it the way you want

You may still want to use a remote control to turn on your TV or use an iPad to control the gadgets in your man cave. Manage all your gadgets and appliances with a remote control or voice command.

Create the ambience you want – be it a home theatre or just the atmosphere of a football match you want to enjoy with your friends! Simply chill with your glass of beer on a lazy evening!

Get in touch with us at FM Hometech, for customizing your man cave the way you want.


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