Surprising Smart Home Automation Devices that Make Your Homes Secure

Surprising Smart Home Automation Devices that Make Your Homes Secure


Smart devices are taking the world by storm. And it is certainly a necessity in today’s day and age. Everything, from banking to home security is now accessible through your smartphones, giving you control at your fingertips.

While people have been using smart security systems for quite a while, whether for homes or offices, certain smart home security devices are often overlooked in favour of others. Here are some surprising smart home automation that are equally helpful in securing your homes:

Smart Lighting

This may seem surprising but smart lights are equally helpful in securing your homes. These lights turn on through motion detection, allowing one to identify if there are intruders in any section of the house. And imagine if your home gets broken into while you are away on vacation. Your neighbours would surely find it suspicious if the lights within your homes all turn on when you are supposed to be away!

Automated Garage

Your garage can be an entry point that is not often guarded. Anyone visiting your home can access your home if you have an entryway into your home through your garage. However, an automated garage allows you the control to ensure that only you can open and close the garage door. What’s more? You can do all of it remotely too!

Smart Windows

Low-level windows can often be yet another entry point for intruders. While we set up security cameras and smart locks without hesitation, smart windows have often been debated upon. What many don’t realise is that window sensors can alert you on your smart device every time a window is opened. So, if you ever get an alert while you are away, you can simply check your home cameras and inform the authorities.

Smart Locks

Smart locks can be accessed remotely. You have the power and control to let in people without having to physically be present at the door. This is also ideal if you wish to let your family or friends into your house to carry out essential chores like feeding the cat or watering the plants while you are away. This also means that you will be alerted every time someone unauthorised tries to open the door or let themselves in.

If you’re looking to safeguard your home on all counts, make sure you find out all of the smart home security options you have with FM Home Tech and consider the benefits of every smart home tech rather than just going for the obvious.

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