Benefits of a Ducted Vacuum Systems

Benefits of a Ducted Vacuum Systems

Ducted vacuum systems differ from standard systems, which have power motors attached to them and need to be carried around while cleaning. In a ducted vacuum system, different parts are at different locations in a building, and are inter-connected through PVC pipes.

The power unit, which houses the motor and doubles as a dust collection container, resides in the garage, basement or store room. Inlet valves are installed at different locations indoors. Different hoses, each with a specific cleaning purpose, can be attached to the inlet, as required, for cleaning any surface, including floors, carpet, furniture, or car interiors.

Ducted vacuum systems present many advantages. Choose a reliable ducted vacuum service, repair & sales company to experience said benefits.

Stress-Free Cleaning

Since power unit is elsewhere, you don’t have any weight to handle while cleaning. Inlet valves are attached at positions specified by you, which means you can choose convenient points that make cleaning easier and thorough. There are no cables running behind you, causing risks of tripping.

Vacuum hoses are lightweight; all you need to do is attach the required hose and clean! You can empty the garbage container twice or thrice a year.

High Quality Indoor Air

Ducted vacuum systems have a powerful motor, which means cleaning is deep and complete. Air contaminants are completely removed, and any recirculation of polluted air is prevented.

As a result, you experience only good quality air free of pollutants. This is particularly beneficial if any occupant suffers from allergies.

Noiseless Cleaning

The motor is situated away from the cleaning apparatus. The sound generated, therefore, is minimal. All you hear is the air suction sound. So, there is no fear of disturbance to occupants or neighbours when you are cleaning.


Manoeuvring heavy vacuum cleaning systems through rooms while cleaning can cause tripping. There is also the risk of damage to floors, walls, furniture, and other property segments when handling bulky equipment. All such damage can be prevented with ducted vacuum systems.


Ducted vacuum systems may seem expensive compared to standard systems. But, they have a longer life, and are more efficient as described above. Overall, they make for a wiser and valuable long-term investment.

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