Benefits of a Door Intercom

Benefits of a Door Intercom

A door intercom is a communication and monitoring device employed to screen visitors at a home, office, apartment or other facility. Occupants get to know who the visitor at the door is, and can allow or prevent access accordingly.

Devices from trusted intercom system service, repair & sales companies come with different beneficial features, which add to the safety, convenience and control, for you –the consumer.


A door intercom can be installed in a nursery to monitor your child’s activities and prevent any unpleasant occurring such as a slip or fall. It can also be attached to your office door, to know who is at the doors, and allow access if needed; this also prevents the need for a round-the-time reception desk.

A door intercom can feature audio alone, or both audio and video. With audio, you can communicate with the person at the entrance. A video allows you to see who is outside the door.

Leading intercom system service, repair & sales companies offer intercom systems that ensure enhanced security in facilities such as warehouses. In such settings, intercoms need to be answered within the specified time, failure of which leads to denial of access; the activity is recorded for added security.

Convenience and Cost-Savings

A door intercom can be integrated with other devices or systems to improve your convenience. For example, a door intercom can be linked to a lock-release system. So, if you have screened the visitor, and decided to allow access, you can activate the lock-release to open the door for the visitor.

Door intercoms also enable setting of multi-layer security needed in areas such as warehouses. In this type of setting, wireless intercoms are used in combination with access control systems, to control access at different remote locations, from wherever you are. This system reduces the need for additional security.

Another real-time convenience of intercom systems can be experienced in a healthcare setting. Intercom allows healthcare officials on different floors to communicate and reach wherever needed, especially during emergencies.


Intercoms allow clear communication within a facility, which leads to better relations between departments, resulting in better productivity. Intercoms lend professionalism to any facility.

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