Access Control Card Reader

Access Control Card Reader

125 KHz high security, digitally encrypted, 26-Bit proximity card reader that connects to a serial port on an HAI Home Control System. The reader has durable and scratch resistant polycarbonate housing. Full epoxy potting ensures successful operation even in harsh environments.

The reader incorporates an input for a push to exit button and an output for an electric door strike or magnetic lock . It can be mounted to a door frame (mullion) or to any flat wall surface. The two-color LEDs (green and red) and piezo sounder on the reader can be customized to provide individual feedback to the user.

Use either a standard credit card sized Access Control Card or the convenient Access Control Key tag to access the system.

Each card/key is attached to a user code in the HAI Omni or Lumina family controller which can be managed with specific privileges, based on time of day and day of week, and access can be restricted to specific readers.

Each swipe can perform as many actions as desired and these results can be customized by time of day, arming condition, or any other event the HAI home control system is monitoring. Because each card or key tag is tied to a specific user, all of the actions can also be customized for each individual user.

Requires an Ethernet-enabled HAI controller that has firmware version 3.0 or higher.

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