Two-Way Voice Module

Two-Way Voice Module

2-Way Audio and Speakers

The Model 10A11-1 Two-Way Audio/Voice Alarm Module allows two-way communication with a central station after an alarm, paging and listening from an on-premises or remote phone, annunciation of alarm and zone by voice, and voice messaging (not available on all systems). After an audible alarm, the module allows the central station to control the listen/talk mode. After a silent alarm, the module allows listen in only.

The Two-Way Voice Module provides a line-level audio output that can be tied into an amplifier or whole home audio system, such as Hi-Fi by HAI, and a page output that is activated whenever the Two-Way Voice Board generates audio output.

The Two-Way Voice Module will allow someone to broadcast messages through the phone by picking it up and dialing #832. 

Do not mount speakers, microphones, 28A00 modules, or 33A00-4 consoles near any device that may produce noise (fans, air conditioning units, audio speakers, etc.). Microphones should be connected with 24 AWG or larger, shielded twisted pair wire. Wire length should not exceed 100 feet. Connect the cable shields and negative wires together at the Model 10A11-1, Rev B terminal block only. Do not connect the shield on the microphone end. Additional microphones can be connected to each input in parallel. Speakers should be connected with 18 AWG or larger, twisted pair wire. For wire runs that exceed 50 feet, use 16 AWG wire or larger. Wire length should not exceed 100 feet.

Use with HAI Part Number 33A00-4 Omni Console with Built-In Speaker/Microphone, 33A00-20 Lumina Keypad with Built-In Speaker/Microphone, 28A00-1 Surface Speaker Microphone, or 28A00-2 Flush Speaker Microphone.

The Model 10A11-1 may be used with Lumina, Lumina Pro, Omni LT, Omni, Omni II, Omni IIe, OmniPro and OmniPro II home control systems.

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